Introducing Poliphonia

  • Launch event 31st January featuring 3 premieres.
  • An exceptional series of concerts aimed at introducing the music of the Latin America to new audiences.
  • New project to digitize scores still in manuscript.

International pianist Clélia Iruzun launches Poliphonia, a new charity to champion the works of Latin American composers in the UK

A new London based charity has been launched to promote the music of Latin America in the UK. Through concerts, recordings, score restoration and education, Poliphonia aims to unlock exciting and diverse repertoire of the Americas to wider audiences. The revision and digitization of scores still in manuscript form will be a key focus of the charity along with a commitment to commissioning new works and supporting younger musicians.

The charity has been established by one of Brazil’s leading classical musicians, pianist Clélia Iruzun along with Renato Martins, the violinist Nadia Myerscough, the cellist Nick Roberts and double bass player Sarah Neil.

The inspiration for the charity came from the success of recent recordings and concerts featuring little known works by Latin American composers in the UK. There is a strong appetite for classical music from the Americas and there are hidden treasures of great music that deserve to be discovered, therefore the trustees have identified four key aims for the new charity : 

  • Concerts – Promote concerts in the UK with repertoire from composers from the Americas with the aim of introducing works by lesser known composers. It will also sponsor young players interested in learning this repertoire.
  • Education – The creation of bridges between professional musicians with knowledge of music from the Americas, and young performers playing together in workshops and concerts; guiding and introducing a new generation to this repertoire.
  • Restoration – Aim to revise and digitise works still in manuscript form to facilitate the performance of such works and making online versions available free of charge on the website.
  • Recording – Poliphonia will record and produce films of both performances and educational content introducing and promoting composers from the Americas.

The inaugural concert will take place on the 31st January and Clélia will be joined by distinguished musicians from Brazil and the UK including The Coull Quartet, Sarah Neil on double bass and one of the world’s leading flautists, Marcelo Barboza.

This first concert will concentrate on music by Brazilian composers including Villa-Lobos and Camargo Guarnieri followed by the music of four living composers: Ronaldo Miranda, João Guilherme Ripper, Marlos Nobre and Villani-Côrtes.

There will be three premieres:  the Piano Quintet “From my Window” by João Guilherme Ripper, which portrays the exuberant nature of Rio de Janeiro followed by “Celebração”(Celebration) by Villani-Côrtes for flute and string quintet dedicated to Marcelo Barboza and “Alumbramentos” (Enlightenment) by Ronaldo Miranda. To complete the programme the string quartet No.5 by Villa-Lobos, the Sonatina by Camargo Guarnieri and the Tango by Marlos Nobre.

Full programme and tickets for Concert Launch:

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